About Nicor Enerchange

Our Employees


Nicor Enerchange employees average over 16 years of industry experience. And with experience comes the know-how to deliver customer requirements in an industry that has changed substantially over the last 10 years and more than ever involves substantial risk being shifted to customers. Our employees' experience is the backbone of Nicor Enerchange and provides our company and customers with a competitive advantage in energy. Exactly how experienced is the person primarily responsible for delivering or managing your company's energy supplies? Certainly, this is a fair question to ponder. At Nicor Enerchange, we know how important our employees are to your company's success in energy.

Nicor Enerchange experts have developed energy expertise from a variety of energy industry backgrounds including but not limited to corporate energy purchasing management, electric utilities, natural gas utilities, natural gas and electricity retail marketing, wholesale energy trading, energy accounting and analysis, and natural gas fuel supply and transportation.